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19% -- Did you play with Lego's, perchance?

Succubus Blues  - Richelle Mead

Because I did. And let me tell you, as cool as it was to randomly tack on different blocks, it made the entire 'structure' unbalanced. It usually toppled to one side once you got too high or put too many misshapen blocks together.

I'm at that point in the book. I was waiting for a little more background that still hasn't shown up, so everything is starting to teeter off to one side.

Also: Is there going to be a quiz at the end of this book that asks about all these designer shoes and clothes? Are they relevant to the plot? Maybe I just don't get it.

Lastly, and this is mainly for my own personal amusement: I noticed that Richelle Mead REALLY likes to use ellipses and en dashes. To the point I went back and started counting, actually.