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Succubus Blues  - Richelle Mead

It took me an agonizingly long time to finish this book. There were some parts I liked -- and some parts I absolutely loathed. I ended up stopping around 30% in, then again around 55%. Then suddenly it was over before I knew what was going on.

Almost everyone I know sang praises about this book. How great and wonderful Georgina is, the sexy-time scenes being good, the dialogue being witty, etc. I kind of ... didn't like it, but it wasn't exactly bad, either? I don't know. Maybe I'm crazy.

More ranting below, to save on peoples pages.

First and foremost: I really like Richelle Mead's writing style. It's crisp and not overly wordy, but isn't generic [I did this] and [He did that]. She uses en dashes and ellipses far more than I would have liked ( I counted about 20ish of each before I stopped counting -- and wasn't even 30% in yet. ) but that's more of a personal nitpick.

Everything else in the book, however, just made me frown, shake my head, and wonder if I should try to read something else to take my mind off of the characters.

Starting with world building: I began the book and was genuinely interested in how everything came to be. There were references that suggested that normal people knew about the existence of supernatural creatures, yet there's never any real indication of it. Where's the mass hysteria, witch burning, and general anarchy that follows such revelations? Well, nevermind. Some time could have passed since then, and I assumed it would be explained in time.

And it never happened.

What we got for world building was this:

You know. It's not bad. Sets a good picture, decent them. But it left a LOT unexplained or assumed and I kept wishing for some more world building.

What we needed was this:

I don't always need a massive castle of world building, but in some cases it would REALLY help. Really.

And then Georgina...oh, where do I even start with her?

As many others have mentioned, Georgina is supposedly a 'strong' female lead. Yeah, I didn't see it. She was VERY temperamental and a little bit of a sycophant. That last bit goes without saying: she's a succubus. What bothers me is that she also treats the people she supposedly cares about in the same way.

Add in to the fact that despite having at least a thousand years of being around under her belt, I found her lack of knowledge ( about her OWN world no less ) completely exhausting. How is it possible that you become a succubus and don't know some of the basic facts of supernatural entities that you'd -most likely- run into? A thousand years of life is apparently too short to learn some basic information on other supernatural creatures, self-defense courses, and not cling over a thousand-year-dead-relationship.

I digress. Creatures who are long lived tend to do things slowly -- they have the time, so why not? They'll hold those grudges for centuries and do things in their own time. But when it comes to survival, you'd think she would attempt to learn fast. Except she doesn't / didn't.

I didn't like any of the side characters, either. At first, I actually didn't mind Cody or Peter, or any of the guys, really. But after realizing that immortality somehow transgressed into immaturity, I stopped caring. Even Jerome had it. Also, their voices tended to ... blur. They were similar, with JUST enough uniqueness to separate them. It was still a little too close for comfort, though.

Lastly, Seth. Everyone seemed to like Seth, for some reason or another. The book portrayed two distinctly different types of males: Extreme Alpha, and then the extreme Beta males, ala, Seth.

At first, I thought his shyness was a good, warranted change from all the other passive aggressive men throwing themselves at Georgina, but after just a few interactions it quickly got tedious -- mainly because Georgina seemed to go back and forth, over and over, with him, between wanting him but not wanting to hurt him but wanting him anyway. Then SHE gets insulted later by rejecting HIM? WHAT?!

It got to the point where I wished he would just DO something with her. And then when something finally DOES happen, it....well. That's too big of a spoiler, but for those who have read it? Yeah, I face palmed twice in the span of two pages. It was that bad for me.

There were some interesting parts in the book, followed by parts that just seemed to drag endlessly on and just WOULD NOT END -- which, aside from Georgina and the lack of world building, is what hurt this novel the most. I can deal with Seth and everyone fawning after Georgina. I can deal with immature immortality. Big long loading scenes in my books ( so to speak )? Not so much.

Oh, PS: Georgina sleeping with the 'villain' ( who I didn't like as a Villain, mostly because he's Generic Villain A and it was obvious WHO it was at about 40% in), to 'buy time' was .... I don't know, somehow a little weird to me. She knows who this guy is, knows what he's been doing, and still sleeps with him. For whatever reason, is that REALLY a good idea?

In the end, I hate Georgina, needed more world building, and disliked ...well...every character. Including Seth. Harsh? Maybe. What gives this two stars over 1, or none, is honestly Richelle Mead's writing. I like the way she writes.