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Adverbs. They can hurt.

College friend of mine, majoring in English, gave me some wonderful advice:
"Go back and remove all your adverbs, or go back and read a book with a lot of adverbs that you actually liked. Copy the page down, like write it down somewhere, and then edit it -- remove all the adverbs."

So, I went back, re-read a few books I really, really enjoyed. Realized that...certain books use way too many adverbs. It's borderline purple prose in and of itself ( at least to me ).

Even Harry Potter, despite how much I liked the entire series, has a few instances of over dramatic use of adverbs.

Granted, there is a time and place for adverbs. Spitting them out in every sentence, though? Bad idea.

Edit: In my contemplative moment, I left out the reason for this post. Certain books read -amazingly- better without adverbs.

Books that I couldn't even get through the first couple of chapters I can actually READ without wincing every couple sentences.