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Music in Literature

I've been reading more urban fantasy than straight-normal-tolkien-era-fantasy. And more than science fiction too, actually. Which is a bit weird for me. I've haven't actually had time to update books and/or make reviews on them, but I'll get around to eventually.

However, through all these urban fantasy books I'm reading, one thing is really starting to stand out:

I keep seeing song references or a few lines of lyrics.



Realistically, music is a big part of nearly everyone's life. Some people are content with listening to music on a long commute, and that fills their daily need for music. Other people might not be able to exist without it, and constantly have an earbud in one ear.


Sometimes it's done well in literature - a character sings in the shower, for example, or gets caught doing the hip-finger-snap-move while walking down a hallway.
Sometimes, though, it just seems like an author is subtlety saying "LISTEN TO THIS WHILE YOU READ THIS SCENE. IT'LL MAKE MORE SENSE." --- if you call throwing a paragraph of lyrics at you subtle.

I've been trying to decide if it's just me that's distracted by this, or if it's more of a widespread thing.

What do you guys think?