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Hopeless  - Colleen Hoover

[Edit: For some reason, a small chunk is missing. Putting it back in. ]

About a year late on this one, but I finally read it. Glad I did, and now wonder why I waited for so long. Another non-lengthy review, since most people have probably read it.

For those that haven't: it's good. It's very, very good.

I don't really want to say too much, since it'll feel cheap, but the big reveal of the story angered me at first -- then shocked me, then angered me some more at a completely different person.

It was very touching, and moving. I don't know how accurately the psychological implications of all that were, but I never once had any DISBELIEF of it being possible.

Quick Overview:

The main heroine, Sky, lives a very sheltered life. Her mother won't allow her to have any form of technology, even a TV, and she's been home schooled all her life -- right up to the books beginning, where she's about to embark to high school.

Prior to going to school, she runs into the lead male: Dean Holder. Everything changes based off of that chance encounter, for both of them.

At first, I thought he was a bit of a weirdo, but as the story progresses, and we learn more about Dean, I found myself sympathizing with him a lot more -- then actually appreciating his sort of blunt, flippant honesty.

The only reason this was not a perfect five star read for me -- towards the end, it felt a little rushed. I wanted things drawn out a bit more, but other than that, it was absolutely amazing.

Summary: 4/5
Recommended: Yes. To..well. Everyone. I don't know anyone I wouldn't recommend this to.