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Troubled Son (Savage Sons Motorcycle Club #1) - J.D.  King

Starts off pretty solid, minus some questionable sentences. They're borderline run-on sentences, but it's just me being picky, honestly.


One error that I found that was jarring enough for me to stop and re-read the paragraph ( misplaced word ). Otherwise, it was going good. Pace picked up nicely. Was getting interesting.


And then I noticed a trend. Moses, the male point of view character, is a supposed badass of a hardcore biker club -- except we're just TOLD that he's a badass and how he's done some horrible things in the past. As of the start of the book, to 80% in, that's all we have: how he used to be a badass. He hasn't done anything particularly terrible thus far.


I'm all for redemptive bad guys, but you have to BE a bad guy to be redeemed. Thus far, he just says, over and over, how he wants out and how he doesn't want to be involved in illegal stuff anymore. It was okay the first couple times, since it was hammering home the point of WHY he was betraying the motorcycle club -- but after the 5th or 6th time, it's starting to grate.


And things really went downhill in the 77% - 80% area. The romance is, at the moment, overshadowing everything else. To a brutal degree. =/


Edit: To clarify, I wasn't expecting zero romance. Their chemistry isn't bad, if a bit contrived at times, and the tension leading up to the PoV characters hooking up was good, too. But after they did hook up, it's like...that's ALL there was in the 75% - 80% range. And pushed aside everything else.

Hoping the story and romance balance out again.