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To Save The World: The Arhka Chronicles, Volume I (Arhka Chronicles) - Heather Hayashi

Checklist of Awesomeness:


- Fantasy Creatures ( ala: Vampires, Dragons, etc )
- Dragons get their own spot. Dragons are cool. ( Dragonlance fanboyism showing. )

- Alien Spaceships

- Advanced Technology

- Epic fantasy wars

- Dragons vs Space Battleships ( hell yes )



So what's wrong with it?


The writing. It bothers me to -no- end.



Ominous clouds rolled overhead, their bellies threatening to brush the tops of trees. The claustrophobic look was deceptive, as smoke from nearby explosions and fires billowed up like ethereal pillars to support it. Everything was cast in harsh shadows and hues of orange, red, and gold from the fire, a surreal discoloration of the normally lush, green forest. The foothills and the mountains were silhouettes against the sky, edges jagged and craggy and threatening to claw through the clouds.

-- To Save The World, Prologue, First Page ( page 5 ), First Paragraph

I swear, it has the makings of a good story. But the writing repels me in ways I cannot even begin to describe.


It follows that same style throughout everything I've read thus far. Flipped to the middle of the book: same thing. Points for consistency. Points for being able to keep up that level of detail ( I've tried in personal writing. I start getting bored with my own work. ) and kudos for the descriptive war/battle scenes.


But seriously. It was pretty hard to get through JUST these past pages ( 5 to 21 ). I started, stopped, started, stopped, at least a dozen times. And started over completely each time, for the sake of at least trying to get through the prologue without stopping ( and I did, thankfully. )

Maybe it's just me. Maybe other people don't mind ( or maybe they even like )  that writing style, but I don't know if I can get through this. I hate, hate, hate DNFing books. To the core, I hate it -- for me, personally. Because I feel I should be flexible. Open minded. And it's just a book, right? Obviously my tastes =/= anyone else's. It's just a personal standard of mine, I guess, and it bothers me that I "fail" my own standard.

On hand: DNF it and be annoyed with myself.
Other: Force through, not enjoying it ( probably ), and be annoyed with myself.



Everything else? It falls into some of the usual fantasy traps.


Ala: Names like Xucar and Maichym.

The main protagonist is "special."

The mother is hiding a secret that involves her daughter ( the main protagonist ) and decides its better to not tell her.

Which, I could get through. Dragons. Aliens. Technology. Magic. Dragons vs Space battleships. That is just recipe for all sorts of win. But the writing, man.

The writing.