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Dragon Champion by E. E. Knight

Dragon Champion - E.E. Knight

Finished this a few days ago, but haven't had the chance to sit down and really go through the review. So, I'll keep this fairly short.

Amazon Summary:

After escaping those who killed his siblings, Young Auron, a rare, defenseless gray dragon, might be the last of his breed. Armed with nothing but his claws and a determination to survive, he sets off in search of his kind. But to find other dragons-or, at least, find out who's killing them off-Auron will have to search a world of mercenary elves, vicious humans, and dangers of all kinds. Finding allies in the strangest places-and himself along the way-Auron is about to make the trek of a lifetime...

The beginning of this book is the sole reason for three stars -- which, for me, I think that's an "acceptable" book. There wasn't anything flat-out wrong with this. If anything, the premise was interesting and the writing was rather clean and to the point.


In a twist from the norm, we're shown the life of a dragon instead of the warrior coming to slay the dragon. The world building is fairly good ( there were a couple things I questioned, but nothing that was jarring ) and the story moved along at a good pace in the beginning. Up until about 3/4ths in, at least.


It was around this point, over halfway through the book, that it started to ... drag. The pace slowed down to a crawl, and I'll admit I started to skim. Avoiding any spoilers, but once other dragons started to come into play, it all felt a little rushed and ...superficial, I suppose? As if there wasn't a clean way to wrap up this particular book.



  • World Building
  • Dragon Point of View
  • Dragon Lifestyle
  • Blurry Morales



  • No reason to care about the main character
  • Slow Pacing a little over midway through
  • Fight scenes could have been worded better
  • Little to no emotional impact

Summary: 3 / 5
Recmomended: It's...not bad. Maybe if it's available at the library, if you just enjoy fantasy and want a new series to read. But there's definitely better fantasy works out there.